1. Swiss PGA PRO, AA Class
    Author of the "Carnet Pédagogique"

  1. Ski and Snowboard Instructor

  1. Twice winner of the French and twice winner
    of the European Golf Championship for ski instructors

  1. Rhône-Alpes strokeplay champion

My website is dedicated to my past, present and future students.

I am a young and dynamic woman, born in 1981.
I am passionate about my job, being highly motivated to teach and to share human experiences. I have been working with my own teaching method since 2005, with excellent student feedback and results.
My method “Improve-Together” is based on the exchange of ideas and information such that my students can achieve their best results.
It has 3 core drills that allow students to train independently, teaching students to discern good technique from bad themselves.
However to improve efficiently one to one lessons are recommended.

I have played golf from age 6. It is natural for a child to throw a ball or stick as far as possible. But for adults, we learn that forcing a new skill is not productive and can even be painful.
To me, learning should be step by step. The golf swing is a full body action, where every muscle involved should be coordinated to produce a good result.

The ball will initially not go that far, but will steadily go farther and farther as you progress. Training and repitition of the correct movements are required to achieve your goals.
To improve faster I advise players to stretch and perform fitness drills.



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